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Villa Spalletti Trivelli Villa Spalletti Trivelli - Rome

Classical or design: our six favorite hotels

Among the 130 hotels we have selected in London, Paris and Rome, eighteen of them have raised our attention. 

By the quality of their service, the range of their amenities, their charm, their design or the athmosphere they exude, these establishments offer a unique experience we wanted to share with you in gathering them within our Private Collection. 

If you hesitate about the style - classical, modern or design - our detailled reviews and ratings will be there to give you a precise avant-goût about the kind of emotions you will experience in staying within those very special places.

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Citybreak Ideas

  • IN Paris

    Champagne or mojito ?

    More cozy and luxurious than a café, sometimes even more lively or with a smartest design, hotel bars know how to appeal and attract. For cocktails : The Hemingway bar at the...
  • IN Paris

    Love is in the air

    A room for two to forget the city ? Several solutions to love in a pure quietness, for a night or for ever : Version temporary exhibition : Everland Version total glamour : the...
  • IN London

    London Art

    Who has never heard about the Tate Modern ? This former powerstation brilliantly reconverted in a museum of modern art has beatten all its expectations in terms of visitors, even...
  • IN Paris

    Paris Gourmand

    What is more pleasant than slip from your hotel bedroom into its restaurant to let you charm by an excellent diner ? The gastronomic tables of palaces : « les Ambassadeurs » at...

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