Urban Guide

Foody? Arty? Fashionista? Whoever you are there are always 6 good reasons to discover a new side of Rome.


Don’t miss…


1) Savouring the first light of day at the piazza Venezia with its pines trees and stark luxury hotels, the soft lines of its domes and Trajan’s column. Take the time to do a tour of the unique treasures to be found on Capitol Hill and admire the views over the city, the ruins of the Forum and the Coliseum.
2) A visit to an ancient palace, the Pamphili or the Farnesina.
3) Lunch in a trattoria behind the piazza Navona or the campo dei Fiori.
4) Losing yourself in the network of little streets which lead to the Piazza di Spagna
5) Admiring St Peter’s majestic marble drapes and the treasures of the Vatican.
6) Enjoying an ice-cream as you wander through the streets of the city.


Rome for Fashionistas

1) Breakfast on your hotel terrace overlooking the city.
2) Shop in via dei Condotti, via Borgognona  and via del Babuino for the big names in fashion and in via del Governo Vecchio for independent retailers and vintage clothes.
3) Lunch at Gusto, Rhome, or in one of the lovely little trattoria on the via del Governo Vecchio.
4) Soak up the sunshine sitting on a bench in the Villa Borghese gardens.
5) Meet up with friends for a coffee at San Eustachio or at the Roccioli café on the piazza delle Coppelle.
6) Dine at Dal Bolognese, al Caffè della Pace or at Caffé de Paris on the via Veneto which is buzzing with people.


Rome for Foodies

1) Visit the Campo de’Fiori market or, if you are looking for something a bit livelier, you may prefer the small Testaccio halls or the market on the Piazza Vittorio.
2) Head for the small streets of the Testaccio or Monti quarters and seek out a trattoria where the waiter will list a whole host of daily specials with delicious names such as Il Bucatino.  Alternatively enjoy some Roman cooking at the Taverna Romana or regional dishes at il Ditirambo behind the Campo de'Fiori or at the Colline Emiliane.
3) Take a gentle postprandial walk in the botanic gardens in the Trastevere and let yourself be tempted by a visit to the imposing Corsini Palace nearby.
4) Stock up on wines, salamis and cheeses on the via dei Giubbonari or via Cola di Rienzo.
5) Try some fabulous Italian wines at the Wine Academy (tasting course) or in an Enoteca, the Enoteca Ferrara for instance, or at the Trimari Wine Bar.
6) Dine at the Altro Mastai, run by a young Roman chef, or in an outstanding fish restaurant such as Quinzi & Gabrielli, Alberto Ciarla or Angoletto.


Rome like a Roman

1) Consider leaving the city for a trip to the seaside, then change your mind and go to the market instead (the Romans can sometimes be rather fickle).
2) Go shopping on the via del Corso.
3) Have some supplis or pizzas standing up in a “pizza al taglio”.
4) Take a walk on the Gianicolo for the gripping view and the cannon which is fired daily at midday in homage to Garibaldi.
5) Go for a ride on a scooter and meet up with friends for the “aperitivo”.
6) Go to a football match or a festival.


Rome for Arties

1) Follow in the footsteps of Caravaggio between San Luigi de'Francesi and the Palazzo Dori a Pamphili.
2) Go back in time, retracing the steps of the first Christians in San Clemente, Santa Sabina and Santi Quatro Coronati or, if you are looking for something a bit more quirky, visit the tiny church overlooking the Piazza in Piscinula in the Trastevere.
3) Discover the little-known facets of 19th and 20th century Italian art at the Museum of Modern Art or enjoy the mix of antiques set out in the Centrale Montemartinian, an old electricity power station which is now a museum.
4) Explore the last vestiges of the geometric layout and excesses of fascist Italy in the EUR district.
5) Take part in a festival or watch a performance at a dance creation studio.
6) Dine at Il Biondo Tevere in Ostiense, following in the footsteps of Pasolini, or in a small restaurant in San Lorenzo or a pizza restaurant in Trastevere.


Rome for Lovers

1) Have a walk around the palaces, churches and little streets surrounding the Pantheon then enjoy a coffee basking in the sunshine of one of the small squares.
2) Have lunch at the Filetti di Baccalà where you can enjoy courgette flower or cod fritters with a glass of Vino dei Castelli.
3) Have a siesta back in your hotel room as the rays of sunshine gently filter through the shutters
4) Take a walk from the rose gardens of the Aventino to the summit at the parco di Savello for the panoramic view spanning the Circus Maximus to the domes of St Peter’s.
5) Enjoy a glass of champagne at the Casa Valadier in Pincio.
6) Dine on a terrace overlooking Rome from the heights of the Raphaël hotel, the Atlante Star hotel or the Cavalieri Hilton which houses the Pergola, reputed to be the best restaurant in Rome, unless this accolade goes to the la Terrazza on the terrace of the Eden hotel.

Rome for Traditionalists

1) Hunt out an antique treasure in the via del Babuino, via Margutta or via dei Coronari.
2) Lose yourself in the maze of antiques, picture galleries, rooms, chapels and gardens of the Vatican, then climb to the top of Saint-Angel castle for the view over Rome.
3) Bask in the sunshine in the heart of the gardens of the villa Borghese as you lunch on the terrace of the Museum of Fine Arts.
4) Discover the Etruscan treasures of the Villa Giulia.
5) Attend a mass in one of Rome’s basilicas or churches.
6) Dine at Sora Lella.