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Master of discretion, the entrance to 51 Buckingham Gate is cleverly hidden in the rear of a charming internal courtyard which you access through one of the porches of St James Court. From outside there is nothing particular of note apart from the hotel’s metal nameplate affixed to the imposing brick and white stone façade. Entry to the hotel is through the “Shakespearean Courtyard Garden”, named in honour of the huge moulded brick frieze which runs along the internal façades and immortalises scenes from the plays of the famous playwright. A slender, elegant fountain adds to the profound tranquillity. It has become the signature of the hotel, protected by the shrubs and large brick and green glaze buildings with first floor balconies supported by caryatids

The hotel comprises three independent buildings: the Ministers, the Falconers and the Kings. A balance between complete autonomy and a wide range of services can be tailor-made to meet the requirements of each individual guest.

The Ministers building, easily identified by the blue awning which marks the hotel entrance, is one of the last buildings in the courtyard. Despite its elegant stone windows with wooden frames and the sturdy concierge’s desk, the narrow reception area is rather modest in comparison to the rest of the building, a reminder that the hotel has preferred to devote more space and resources to create comfortable private areas rather than magnificent public areas. Besides, as guests can complete arrival and departure formalities in their own room, virtually at a time which suits them, technically the hotel doesn’t need a larger reception area, despite its 80 plus suites.

The rooms
The other two buildings, the Falconers right at the rear of the courtyard and the Kings, close to the porch, have their own private entrances. The style of both is relatively similar but the Falconers is slightly more modern with lots of parquet flooring, a more open layout, leather, nubuck, soft colours in the living rooms and sandy, golden colours in the bedrooms. The more opulent Kings works variations on a beige and cerise colour-scheme, finding expression in its leathers, carpets, fabrics and Swedish wood furniture. The larger rooms have a dressing table and all are quiet and relaxing. The sand-coloured bathrooms with spa baths and showers are spacious, functional and extremely pleasant. The décor is elegant without being ostentatious or precious. All suites have a well-equipped kitchen, sitting area and dining room. Depending on the size of the suite, this may be separate from the bedroom.

The room categories
The hotel offers three types of accommodation: suites, apartments and Signatures Suites. The suites and apartments have between one and four rooms and the Signatures Suites, three in number - the Chairman, the Chancellor and the Prime Minister – are more spacious (the Prime Minister spans two levels) and so ideal for official delegations or large families.

Hotel service is most attentive. You will be allocated a member of staff to cater for your every need throughout your stay. They will take you to your suite and show you all the equipment available, they will contact you later to ensure you have everything you need or, the day before departure, to ascertain your preferred time of departure and if you would like a taxi booked or a packed meal to take with you. In addition to the concierge service, meals are available from the 24-hour room service.  The evening turndown service includes a clean and tidy of the kitchen and bathroom. Other little details include chocolates and whisky on the bedside table together with a weather forecast for the next day and a scent for the night. You can borrow a mobile phone or take advantage of the free shuttle service for a morning’s shopping at Harrods.

In tandem with the Crown Plaza, which occupies the other section of St James Court, the hotel offers a wide range of facilities: office space and secretarial services or the much more pleasant prospect of a spa with massage and sauna and gymnasiums.

In contrast to the relative calm of the immediate surroundings, both hotels have some very diverse and lively bars and restaurants: the Zander with its immense brushed steel bar, the Bank with its veranda lit by a myriad of illuminated globes, Bistro 51 with its French cuisine and family atmosphere and the Quilon with its gastronomic Indian cuisine and contemporary ambience.

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51 Buckingham Gate

51 Buckingham Gate

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