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With its facade both straight and curved rising over a large busy avenue and between high buildings, the Abitart Hotel offers you an image of Rome which is rarely seen: that of an energetic and upright city.

Built in 2003, the hotel was thought up by Ciro and Luisa Smiraglia. He's the businessman and she is the architect, and together they wanted to create a Rome hotel that was original, surprising, playful and creative, in other words, an avant-garde hotel which gave the city something a bit more modern.

They succeeded, with the help of several architects and artists, such as Alfredo Benedetti and Fabienne Festagallo.

The tone of the hotel is clear as soon as you arrive.

Standing independently of neighbouring buildings, the Abitart emerges clearly from its urban surroundings with its style inspired by American buildings, an open space for the access ramp into the car park and an entrance at the corner of the building, between red metallic pillars, on and around which are hidden white figures, winking sculptures, which divert your attention in an amusing way from the daily life of this area: the overall effect is energetic and quirky.

Inside you will find the same surprise, a large and open space, large windows looking out and a reception counter that looks like a wave of metal. The lampshades are like shields of light and the sofas, made by Etra or Moroso, look like shells in green or un-dyed leather. The interior is punctuated with works of art - temporary art exhibitions also come to stay here.

From behind the reception you have access to Estrobar and to the other floors.

On each floor the large corridors are a different colour, each painted in one block colour with pretty trimmings in blonde wood.

Now let's look at the smaller details.

The rooms are quite similar; the colour of the walls matching that of the corridor, and with the same wood trimmings, but all of the suites and junior suites are different and embody the creativity of the hotel.

They are classed by theme, amongst which there is the Cubist theme - with one part of the wall decorated with an extract from Picasso's Guernica, the photographic theme - with mosaics of very Italian photos from the 60s, the metaphysical theme - with walls painted like the sky, sky blue and with clouds and reproductions of De Chirico, the Pop-Art theme - with enormous reproductions of Keith Haring on the headboard.

The Neo-classical suite is without a doubt the most astonishing, with its empire colours, green and white, the velvet and the padded headboard.

The suites on the top floors could benefit from small balconies and the suite on the very top floor has a certain Russian ambiance, at once minimalist, urban and luminous. The rooms and suites are spacious enough, but you will find them more compact than the ones in more luxurious establishments.

The bathrooms also have a designer look to them and many of them have mosaic tiles.

Overall it is well done and atypical, with all the charm and drawbacks that this can bring.

Breakfast is served on an agreeable covered terrace, found on the first floor.

As for the restaurant, it is situated on the ground floor and is spacious with an outside terrace. The Estrobar restaurant is a contemporary place which mixes art and cuisine with energy and has a pleasant ambiance which attracts Romans as well as hotel guests.

Smaller and more energetic than the big hotels Es Radisson or Ripa, it is closer in spirit to an Art hotel, although it is slightly less so with regards to service, yet also a cut above with regards to the coolness of the rooms.

Just five minutes' walk from the metro station Ostiense-Piramide, the Abitart Hotel is near enough to the tourist centre of the city, whilst at the same time you do not feel like you're staying in a postcard picture.

It allows you to discover another side of Rome, that of a popular and vibrant city, young and constantly moving, just like the neighbouring areas of Testaccio and Garbatella.


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