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Blessed by all the Gods

One of the advantages of having the Pantheon as a next door neighbour is undoubtedly that of being situated under the protection of the gods to which it gives homage. Even if a lot of them have lost their magnificence over time, this form of Roman secularism has without a doubt inspired the owners of Albergo del Senato: to offer the kind of hospitality in which classicalism and quality appeal to as many people as possible no matter whom they are.

With a tall neo-classical facade looking onto the square by the Pantheon, the Albergo del Senato has the elegance and practicality of the buildings constructed at the end of the 19th century for the sole purpose of becoming hotels. It has belonged to the Pelosi family since the 70s and was completely renovated in 2001, preserving in its decor, a harmonious neo-classical austerity which can be found in the sparkling marble and the wooden panelling, varnished to perfection, in the communal areas.

The hotel holds two trump cards: its terrace and its view of the Pantheon. There are many other hotels in the historic centre of Rome which offer terraces with beautiful views, but this one has something extra, because of its proximity to this noble monument and its height. However, the terrace is only available for an evening drink, during summer.

Almost half of the rooms offer a splendid view of the Pantheon; the others look out over the back courtyards, which are typically modest and quiet. The decor is classic and warm: patterned materials and light colours, parquet floors, second empire furniture and marble in the bathrooms. Everything is luxurious ma non troppo.

For exceptional amateurs, the hotel offers a senior suite painted with frescos across the large ceilings. The effect is guaranteed. It is undoubtedly a bit expensive, despite the good quality of the decor, but the hotel wins over the support of its guests thanks to its location and its classical and professional service.

As far as the location of the hotel is concerned, one can never get tired of the intense memory of spending a night in the heart of Rome and of waking up beside the residence of the Gods. It is equally impossible to tire of the Pantheon square, a tourist spot which people come to until late at night to watch the fountains whilst enjoying their umpteenth gelato.


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