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The Lyrebird

The icon of an era, the Grand Hotel Europe has long presided over the fates of the Bairro Alto.  The only prestigious hotel in this diverse, artists' neighbourhood perched atop a hill filled with theatres and cafes, the establishment has welcomed writers, actors and singers and its bar has gathered many a tertulia: literary, political or philosophical discussion groups.

Abandoned after the Revolução dos Cravos (the Carnation Revolution), and then occupied by a stuffy insurance company, the site was taken over by three partners, citizens of Lisbon at heart, who wanted to give that part of the city a place that would live up to its history and personality.

Created with the assistance of the very international and very talented Grace Leo-Andrieu, brought to fruition thanks to the work of two Portuguese interior decorators, José Pedro Lopes Vieira and Diogo Rosa La, and finally opened in 2005 after two years of construction, the Bairro Alto Hotel was designed to evoke the Lisbon of old with sweet nostalgia and to offer simple, welcoming luxury.

Through its restaurant and bar, the Flores and Garrett respectively, and its thick wall-to-wall carpeted corridors, the establishment weaves a web of different moods, at times radiant and fresh, at times somber and sultry.  There is almost always a touch of art, discreet and elegant dashes of it here and there, and its top floor balcony attracts a chic and trendy type of client, both local and international, that is lulled by the view of the hilltops sliding down to the ocean-like Tagus River.

The Bairro Alto's 55 rooms cultivate a retro chic feel with four dusky, luminous colors linked to the city: blue, yellow, red and cream.  Like a Portuguese grandmother, the rooms mix a variety of textile patterns, high ceilings and traditional-style bathrooms, where leather and wood parquet add a touch of glamour.  In addition to this sweet and charming atmosphere, the quality of the materials and the details in particular make these rooms very endearing.

In homage to the songs of the thousands of birds that brighten the city's more diverse neighborhoods, the walls of the rooms are home to discreet paintings that provide an elegant reminder to clients that the soul of Lisbon is fed by the poetry of their quills.  Attentive and reliable service.


The clientele

Elegant and modern, tied to history and unassuming, the hotel is ideal for those wishing to discover Lisbon with the help of a place rooted in the city with international-standard comforts.  They also attract a young, informal clientele of artists and fashionistas as well as more traditional clients.


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