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A simple, lively stylish B&B

The Daphne Inn Veneto (8 rooms) and the nearby Daphne Inn Trevi (7 rooms), close to the Piazza Barberini, have been offering bed and breakfast accommodation since 2001. The owners, a young Italo-American couple, have succeeded in combining the best of both cultures in a simple, warm and friendly, modern establishment.

The clientele

If you have a predilection for grand hotel lounges, lively bars, 24-hour room service or offbeat décor, then the Daphne Inn is probably not for you. It will however appeal to those who view a warm welcome and well-thought-out décor as a means to an end and not merely an end in itself.

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Comfort Rating
Room size 6 Rating : 6
Room amenities 6 Rating : 6
Breakfast 7 Rating : 7
Property amenities 6 Rating : 6
Global Rating 6 Global Rating : 6

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Daphne Inn

Via degli Avignonesi 20, int. 4

Metro station : Barberini