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Where design breathes new life into the “grand hotel” concept

The impressive façade of the ANdAZ London (former Great Eastern Hotel) stands alongside Liverpool Street Station and, viewed from outside, it could easily be mistaken for any other archetypical 19th century “grand hotels” Indeed, when the well-known British designer Sir Terence Conran refurbished it in 1999, he preserved its size and stature, as well as some of the staircases, domes and columns which are steeped in history.

However, with 267 luxurious, urban-style rooms, four restaurants offering very different types of cuisine and several lobbies where designer style comes face to face with history, it has been brought up to date whilst remaining a hub of energy within a very vibrant quarter. Although recently take-over by the Hyatt chain, it should retain the slightly offbeat twist which gives it its buzz and continue to offer the attentive, efficient service its guests have come to expect.


The clientele

Naturally most of its weekday guests are business travellers but it does appeal to a trendy, European clientele who enjoy the “grand hotel” services, its lively atmosphere, relative anonymity and position between two very attractive, but very different, areas of London.


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Room size 9 Rating : 9
Room amenities 8.5 Rating : 8.5
Breakfast 8 Rating : 8
Property amenities 10 Rating : 10
Global Rating 9 Global Rating : 9

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