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A hotel with all the attractions of a family home

The Aventino, a very old house on the top of the Aventine Hill was completely renovated in 2002. Now fully modernised with a hint of Baroque, it retains the feel of a typical Italian home where the accent is on clean lines but welcoming comfort.

The clientele

The hotel, while giving the impression of an old house, has not lost sight of the needs of its core customers. With all its modern conveniences it attracts a clientele that wants comfort before antiques. This is the perfect place for people looking for a quiet break in a traditional setting which this former family home provides.

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Comfort Rating
Room size 6 Rating : 6
Room amenities 7 Rating : 7
Breakfast 7 Rating : 7
Property amenities 7 Rating : 7
Global Rating 7 Global Rating : 7

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Hotel Aventino

Via San Domenico, 10

Metro station : Piramide