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The Redolence of an Era

Inaugurated in 1944 under the name Hotel do Império, the Hotel Britania immediately gained a reputation as one of the city's most modern and luxurious hotels, resounding with the talk and laughter of the politicians, financiers and intellectuals that stayed there regularly.

The marble floors and common spaces of this small hotel, about thirty rooms, no longer see such patronage, but something of that time remains between its columns and crisp lines.

While completely renovating the Hotel Britania in 2001, the family hotelier group, Héritage, took care to revive, while also conserving, the establishment designed by Cassiano Branco, one of the big Portuguese names of Art Deco architecture.

Today it is a marvel to be able to stroll down the high-ceilinged corridors, through the sitting rooms and to walk in front of its former barber-hairdresser which has been kept as a museum piece.  It is also a treat to let yourself give in to the dreams so readily implied by the carefully restored antique furniture, and the historical volumes that can no longer be found in any hotel:  awesome, dignified, but within your reach.

The rooms are all very similar, spacious and perfect examples of Art Deco, made with very purified lines, somber furniture, high ceilings and astonishing parquet floors of varnished cork oak (you wanted traditional!).  One aspect of the hotel's charm can be found sunkissed austerity.  An exception to the rule, one suite located on the top floor is quite contemporary chic with a private terrace bathed in sunlight.

The one testimony to that era in Lisbon, the hotel has been classified as a historical monument. 

Its austere simplicity, natural elegance and the spirit of its service, which is warm and attentive - and includes a glass of Porto on the house - makes it one of the city's most endearing establishments.


The clientele

Attractive to a rather traditional sort of clientele, the hotel will captivate all history lovers and atmosphere seekers.  Although the low chairs may be badly suited for business travelers, the hotel is completely equipped with free, wireless Internet connections.  In addition to the Art Deco lines and that style, the hotel is perfectly located in the heart of city, allowing clients to easily take advantage of all the city's neighborhoods.



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