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At first glance, you will wonder what lies behind the exterior of the hotel. The 1950s style cinema awning, the name of the hotel written on cubes reminiscent of the same era, the closed Restaurant Veneto on either side of the entrance, do not even begin to hint at the very pleasant lobby you are about to enter.

Opening up in the shape of a triangle, the lobby is a simple mix of Roman charm: wooden desk covered in Travertine stone, pink floor tiles, warm colours, high ceiling, straw-coloured stucco on the wall, a sofa in warm colours and, to the rear of the room, a marble staircase winding its way round a metal 1970s-style lift shaft.

The public areas on the top floor exude the same rustic chic. The bar, dining room and lounge are grouped together in a bright airy room with terracotta floor tiles, white walls, a beautiful Murano crystal chandelier hanging from a solid wood roof structure, wrought-iron chairs with ecru cushions, sculpted wood coffee table and antique cupboards with painted trompe l’œil effects, all displayed in an effortless fashion, as if in a private apartment.

This room leads to a large terracotta terrace where heavy metal tables and chairs vie for space with the citrus trees and vegetation. There is no particular view from the terrace but it does exude a gentle Roman way of life, which is quite something in itself.

The rooms
The light and airy rooms are all decorated in the same gentle style. Most have a high ceiling and Murano chandelier giving them a certain cachet.

The headboards and matching bedspreads and curtains in a silky white, lightly textured fabric, add to the charm whilst the white roughcast walls, wood furniture and straw-yellow armchair, the little cloths on the low round tables and the wooden lamp bases add a touch of simplicity.

The rooms don’t have a desk but the more spacious ones have a round table with chairs.

The bathrooms are simple with a bath or shower and grey tiles with a slight sheen.

Indulging the habits of its guests, and anxious to ensure they have a good night’s sleep, the hotel offers a choice of pillow.

Room types
The hotel has three types of room: Single, Double and Triple. The doubles can vary in size but most are rather spacious. They look out onto the street or a courtyard. Those on the street side are not too noisy, thanks to double-glazing, and some sitting in the corner of the building have two windows.

There is a large duplex apartment with parquet flooring which is ideal for families or anyone with a dust-mite allergy.


A buffet breakfast is served in the full morning light on the top floor of the hotel. Small wicker baskets contain a fairly wide choice of products, including cereals, salamis, hard-boiled eggs, orange juice, lots of cakes (sponge cake, Panettone, etc.) dried fruit, croissants, dairy products, fromage blanc and fruit salad. Hot drinks are served to your table.

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Room size 7 Rating : 7
Room amenities 6.5 Rating : 6.5
Breakfast 6.5 Rating : 6.5
Property amenities 6.5 Rating : 6.5
Global Rating 6.5 Global Rating : 6.5

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Hotel Columbia

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