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The windmill of my dreams

Witnessing the transformation of this historic and popular part of the Marais in an arty area, discreet and fashionable, the Petit Moulin is a former bakery transformed into a hotel which is inspired and colourful, thanks to the generous Christian Lacroix artwork.

The Petit Moulin boasts a façade of another century, a frontage from 1900 which is classed as a historical monument, period counters, original beams, and an eclectic collection of mirrors, images, furniture, colours and materials. The Petit Moulin has an unclassifiable side combined with an aniseed flavoured sweet side: always surprising, always intimate, always rather nostalgic and however like a waking dream.

The 17 rooms are compact, but they all have original Christian Lacroix decor. They constitute a good introduction to the art galleries and the designer boutiques populating the small streets surrounding the hotel.


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Hotel du Petit Moulin

29-31, rue de Poitou

Metro station : Saint Sébastien Froissard