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Opened in 2005 following a complete refurbishment of the building, the Hôtel Sezz Paris, designed by Christophe Pillet, is certainly one of the most original hotels you will find in Paris today.

The owner Shahé Kalaidjian, a name already linked with the Hôtel Pavillon de Paris, has taken audacity to a new level at the Sezz Paris: ultimate discretion, redefinition of the spaces traditionally found in a hotel, creation of the Personal Assistant concept and above all, an almost obsessive use of charcoal-grey Cascais stone, subtly lightened to highlight the slightest blue grey tone, a nod to Paris, the blue-grey city with its superposition of zinc, slate and stone.

As with all things different, you may experience a strange sensation of losing your bearings when you first encounter the play on space, perspective, materials and form, but you will come to appreciate the coherent whole which provides a retreat from the stresses and strains of urban life right in the heart of the city centre. The décor is primordial but never to the detriment of functionality or the quality of the materials. The ubiquitous grey may feel cold or austere but it does lend itself to a supremely elegant, unobtrusive and relaxing backdrop.

Relaxation and comfort being the hotel’s vocation, it offers a wide range of facilities including full in-room media equipment and a small Spa, with Jacuzzi, steam room and massages by appointment (provided by monmasseur company). For those who prefer their bubbles served nicely chilled in a champagne flute, there is the La Grande Dame champagne bar.


A very discreet arrival

In a street near the Seine, surrounded by identical buildings in typical 1913 architectural style of generous form and fairly pure lines, there is almost nothing to single out the Sezz Paris but a subtle grey sign. The steps, set back from the street, are not marked by the standard shrubs but by two long-necked vases. Behind this façade, however, you will find a unique hotel. 

The first surprise comes once you have passed through the lobby, separated by glass partitions from two lounges, to be met not by receptionists sitting behind a desk but by your own Personal Assistant. Indeed, there is no hotel lobby as such, but wide passageways in the four corners of the building opening onto one or other of the lounges.

The two small lounges, with their quirky pyramid-shaped Murano crystal light fittings, sit symmetrically on either end of the lobby overlooking the street. To the rear, on the courtyard side, the la Grande Dame bar sits under a tall, narrow atrium window, with small tables stretching between two alcove tables cocooned in wooden slats. With the exception of the steam room and Jacuzzi in the basement, this bar, also used as breakfast room in the morning, and the reception rooms, are the hotel’s only public spaces.

The first thing you will notice is the omnipresent Cascais stone. On the floor it has been treated to give a matt marble effect, and on the walls to bring out the slate highlights. Against this mineral backdrop, the brightly coloured leathers, artworks, photos, video installations and other elements of the décor stand out to their full advantage.


The rooms

The arty, mineral theme continues in the bedrooms where from time to time a light shines down on a Plexiglas photo hung on the stone walls. On the floor, stone has been replaced by a beautiful black parquet to add warmth, but there are three defining features in each of the rooms: the staging of the bed, the bathrooms and the attention to detail.

In the majority of the rooms, in order to make the most of the available space, the desk is not set in its usual position against the wall but at the top of the bed. This means the bed, supported by a solid chrome structure similar to a camp bed, is also placed away from the wall, right in the centre of the room on top of a coloured rug with a matching self-coloured blanket covering the duvet. Drawers built into the bed serve as bedside tables and a short leather headboard separates the bed from the desk.

Much thought has also gone into the design of the bathrooms. There are certain common elements but all are fairly unique. Some have a large stone Japanese bath, others baths are made for two and some have both shower and bath. Washbasins in white resin with gentle slopes and pure lines are set off by the equally pure lines of the taps. Where possible, the toilet has been separated from the bathroom, but in most cases the bathrooms are open plan, set behind partitions of glass, to some degree smoked, giving a mirror effect. Regarding bath amenities, Acqua di Parma's products are provided.

Finally, the attention to detail extends to the variety and quality of the in-room equipment: heavily lacquered wooden desk with leather blotter, tear-drop bedside lamps diffusing an iridescent light, cordless telephone with direct line, large flat screens, iPod docks, DVD players, books and magazines and wonderful plump leather sofas. 

Personal Assistants are on hand to lend you CDs and DVDs, help you select a pillow, book a massage or hairdresser, make-over or depilation, arrange a private session for you in the Jacuzzi-steam room area or simply deliver 24-hour room service.


Room types 

There are five types of room: Single, Double, Junior Suite, Suite and Eiffel Suite. The Singles have a more classic layout with the bed against the wall and a separate bathroom. 

The other rooms are more in keeping with the quirky style of the hotel, with the exception of the suites which have two separate rooms and the bed once again in the classic position. The largest suites, the Eiffel suites, comprise a single room from where you can catch a glimpse of the top level of the Eiffel tower behind a myriad of Parisian rooftops.

In order to celebrate its 5th anniversary, the Hotel Sezz Paris has created a 70m2 suite, Suite 75, with an exceptional view of the Eiffel Tower and the Zinc roofs of Paris.

The suite offers 2 separate spaces; a living room which includes a sofa bed specially designed by Christophe Pillet for the Suite 75, and edited by Neology, separate bathroom with a double bathtub, a working desk, plasma screen, stereo system with I-pod dock, play station PS3, Nespresso machine, minibar, DVD/CD player, and goodies for fun by Time to Tease.

The bedroom is an open space with the King size bed in the middle of the room, a see through bathroom, separate shower space, desk, I-pod dock, minibar, DVD/CD placer, LCD screen.

Suite 75 is ideal for a romantic stay or a family holiday in Paris. The space is equally flexible for interviews, lounge style meetings, product launches and cocktails.


The clientele

The Hotel Sezz Paris is unique and reaches out to people looking for new experiences, something a little different. The services and facilities will appeal to those seeking a high-tech, urban retreat from the city and its discretion will attract guests who prefer cosy, intimate spaces over big hotel lounges and public areas.


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