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From the hotel, the Sénat and the Luxembourg Gardens are like neighbours. The small streets surrounding the Sorbonne and the Odéon theatre are also on the hotel's doorstep, full of art house cinemas, small restaurants and book shops.

Time moves differently in this area of Paris, it is more sophisticated and less stressful. From its frontage which is very boutique-hotel-chic to its lounges with brown tones, with its wallpaper painted with large stripes and its solid furniture with pure lines, the Sénat hotel delivers an elegant and timeless atmosphere.

Its library, its photographs of writers and its letters or phrases printed on the armchairs' fabric or on certain walls exude a literary impression.

One rediscovers this impression in the 41 rooms with their bright and relaxing tones. It is worth noting the duplex suites on the top floor offer a small terrace where one can admire the city of lights without restrain.

Service is elegant and efficient.


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With its impeccable side and a serious strand, with its sober glamour and its service, the hotel Sénat is a good compromise: more chic than many hotels in the area, it knows to not show too much extreme luxury. This discreet boutique hotel delights editors as much as the area's politicians.


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Le Sénat

10, rue de Vaugirard

Metro station : Luxembourg