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The Post-Modern Experience

The building dates back to 1921, when it was a place of transit for Northern European immigrants headed to North America. It is a solid brick edifice, designed like an architectural artwork, with somewhat brutal angles and an impressive stance.

With distinct experiences in the arts, the hotel industry and trendy restaurants, Suzanne Oxenaar, Otto Nan, Liesbeth Mijnlieff and Gerrit Groen, the four partners behind the idea, called on the architecture group MVRDV and on artists to transform the historical monument into a hotel of a new stripe. A place both of hospitality and various cultures, informal and open, impersonal enough to  be appropriated by all, but before all, a place as lively as a bee hive.

No glorious entrance opens the building. But from within the middle, a small, tiled lobby, like a sas, opens onto the reception desk which has its back turned to the lobby.

From there, a series of hallways run along the central nave, the common room of dizzying dimensions, cut from blocks which absorb the light gushing from the high windows. It is both a living room and a dining room, with the look of a chic and refined cafeteria.

The hotel's 117 rooms, none similar to the other, range from one to five stars, according to level of comfort and originality. Meant for backpackers, the one-star bedrooms are compact and dispose of shared toilets, whereas the five-star bedrooms designed for rock-stars are spacious, and some of them are equipped with beds holding up to eight!

At the Lloyd, luxury and comfort take on a new meaning: relinquishment.

No flat screens or hi-tech hi-fi systems here, no noble materials of plush effects.

This is a place of spaces and surprising combinations.  The rooms, designed by artists, play with dimensions, and each has its own atmosphere. Though they are all minimalist, they are not without warmth, like the ones with bedrooms decked in wood. The only constant is the bathroom, equally minimalist; it often doesn't have any real separation from the sleeping area. This is the downside, even if the nudity of certain people isn't without appeal.

Located along the former docks of East Amsterdam, nicknamed "Manhattan" by the city's taxi-drivers, the area is in total recomposition. New luxury-housing blocks alternate with large office buildings, each displaying inventive architectural design, like the nearby building of the national television station.

The Lloyd Hotel disposes of unobstructed space and views, with few vis-à-vis. The building seems to spring up from between the IJ canal, the railroads and the interspersed buildings. All taken together, they emanate some magic, far from the touristic city and shops, but close to the New Amsterdam, an architect's paradise.


The clientele

With rooms ranging from one to five stars, the Lloyd is open to a broad range of clients, but in the end they all share the same characteristics: curious travelers, amateurs of surprises, space discoverers.

If things here are well done, they are sometimes a bit spartan. It is better to know beforehand, even if it is part of the hotel's charm. Amsterdam does not stop at its canals, the Lloyd proves it : 10 minutes by tram from the train station.


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