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A vista over Rome where discretion and art de vivre reign supreme

Nestling in the heart of a network of little streets lined by beautifully aged façades, the ivy-covered Raphaël hotel may come as quite a surprise. The hotel has belonged to the Vannoni family since the 1960s and has undergone three phases of renovation. The last of these renovations was entrusted to the talented American Architect Richard Meier in 2005. The hotel combines the ultra-modern in the most recent section with classic décor in the remaining rooms, reflecting the city as a whole with its rich history and mix of different styles.

The owners are savvy collectors and have furnished the hotel lounges like a veritable little museum, with a contemporary display of a wide variety of works: early-century sculptures, 17th century paintings, antique art, De Chirico prints and even pottery by Picasso. Although they have collected a range of top quality pieces, these are displayed without ostentation, as though part of the furniture. They don’t attract any attention as such but they do set a particular ambiance.

Despite the strict dress code and professionalism of its employees, the establishment cultivates a natural, unobtrusive joie de vivre and has gastronomic pleasures down to a fine art. In the immediate proximity of the Piazza Navona, it enjoys an exceptional location and offers stunning views over Rome from its terraces.


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The hotel attracts an international, essentially tourist, clientele. It reaches out to foodies, families, intrepid urban explorers and couples of all ages looking for an exceptional location and a hotel with a variety of rooms to suit all tastes where art de vivre is part and parcel of the experience.


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