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Your very own palace on the Via Veneto

Its history begins in 1904, and tells how a hotel, built as a palace, welcomed Queen Margherita of Savoy towards the end of her time as a resident of Rome, at a period when the city was in turmoil and transformation.

Changing hands with the changing times, the hotel came under the ownership of the Baglioni family group, which has continued to invest human and financial resources in restoring this residence to its former function as a meeting place for a society that valued both tradition and creativity.

Distinguishing itself quite clearly from its august competitors along this famous avenue, the Regina Hotel Baglioni is a hotel that’s looking for something different. Different in terms of decoration, different in terms of service.

After his successes in London and in France, Roberto Polito, founder of the Baglioni group, asked his designer Gilles Dez to undertake the gradual remaking of the hotel. A challenge that was successfully met at the beginning of 2007 with the opening of the Brunello, a glamorous high class restaurant that seems rather avant-garde in the somewhat conservative environment of Rome. A challenge that has also been met in the hotel’s public rooms, where traditional pomp is tempered with a sensual, contemporary mellowness.

The hotel’s bedrooms are also being updated. From a style that was resolutely grand and traditional, some have been given a lighter look, and a few have undergone an amazing, all-embracing Art Deco transformation. More work is to be carried out in 2007 with the aim of enlarging some of the rooms to make the hotel even more comfortable.

With all these changes in a history of change, its 140 rooms and 12 suites on the Via Veneto, a trendy restaurant, a unique Art Deco signature suite and a very personal style, the Regina Baglioni is a hive of activity, probably one of the most elegant on the Via Veneto, but it has still managed to preserve the era and the atmosphere of a private palazzo. The service is in the image of the hotel, full of life and performed with enthusiasm.


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With an Italian and international clientele who come on business as well as leisure, the hotel will appeal to everyone who wants to experience the chic of the Via Veneto while staying at a lively hotel that values both tradition and modernity, but which for all its size and its chic still manages to preserve a family vision of what a hotel should be.

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Regina Hotel Baglioni

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