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Ultra-modern for freedom of movement

The Ripa Hotel, once a 1970s apartment block, was converted in 2003 into a 170-room hotel of impressive structure. King Roselli Architetti, the architects who designed the hotel, took advantage of the omnipresent concrete in the structure of the building and its immediate surroundings to play with space and flow.

The Ripa could not be described as a charming or luxury hotel. It is an ultra-modern space, rendered readily accessible through the shape and simplicity of the materials used. The bedrooms are spacious and functional and the beds seem to be almost floating in a space designed for ease of movement, relaxation and surround-sound music.

In the corridors and passageways leading to the central lobby and in the bar and terrace, a lively mix of guests come and go, pass each other, chat, and seem to use the space at their will to access, and retreat from, the city.

The staff is helpful for a hotel of this size. Most are on the young side and wear T-shirts bearing the slogan “I am the treasure I have always been looking for”.


The clientele

The hotel is frequented by an international clientele from all walks of life, young and not so young, leisure and business travellers alike, and is also used by the flight crew of a large number of airlines. If you are looking for somewhere ultra-modern and a bit offbeat, alive with people and activity, for a different slant on your visit to the eternal city, the Ripa is the place for you.


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Room size 7 Rating : 7
Room amenities 6 Rating : 6
Breakfast 6 Rating : 6
Property amenities 7 Rating : 7
Global Rating 6 Global Rating : 6

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