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With two private entrances on the Via Giulia- one for its restaurant and the other for the hotel, the sunlight floods inside along with its clients and passerby's, who are all equally impressed with its charm.

The entrance of the hotel opens into a hall, which leads to the lounge/library on the left, and then areas for bars, lounges, a patio, and a restaurant on the right. It then joins around back to the reception.

Combining traditional decor and contemporary style furniture, the hotel's dimly lit rooms are decorated with wood and leather, marble, and walls painted in cream and brown tones.

A good example of this striking ensemble is the salon/library, which is fortified from outside by a solid stone wall, polished by time. Inside, there are thick beige colored fabric sofas which furnish a wood paneled library with fireplace, giving it a contemporary look not unlike somewhere in New York or London.

The bar and restaurant have the same feel. Looking through the patio glass and the flowing fountain water, one may see hints of antique vestiges amid a contemporary design.

Behind the restaurant, one may access the garden, and beyond a peaceful solarium terrace. Another terrace sits under the roof of the building, where one may enjoy a drink with a view of Gianicolo hill and the surrounding rooftops.

The Caritas healing center on the bottom floor of the hotel has two healing rooms, a small pool and a Turkish bath, which are in an enchanting atmosphere filled with candles, old bricks and mosaic.

The Rooms
The light but low key rooms are all quite similar. A cozy atmosphere emanates from their ceruse floor, while the elegant pearl grey paneling and molding give it a classical air. Above all, the rooms are built to be neutral, welcoming and relaxing spaces.

The style of the straight edged furniture harks back to the 1920's, although its  leather headboards, chairs and seats fitted in checkered or motif fabrics give it a contemporary twist. Pretty black and white photos of the Via Giulia add a nice finishing touch to the décor.

Although they vary depending on their level, the rooms are designed as efficiently as possible. While all the rooms have a small lounge area, the deluxe and suite level rooms also have walk-in closets. The desks are usually located across from the windows in order to make working conditions as comfortable as possible.

The soft-toned, modern bathrooms are decorated in crème colored tiles, and equipped with floor level showers.

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