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An amalgamation of three Georgian houses built at the beginning of the 18thas a setting for his antiques business. century, the hotel is named after the essayist William Hazlitt who lived in one of the houses. Bought in the 1980s by Peter Mc Kay, a former television producer,

The extensive restoration works carried out have resulted in the recreation of a London house of the 18th century complete with period features like the original wood panelling and the colours of the time. 

Sympathetic to the integrity of the building, there are still no lifts and the rooms have retained the characteristics of a time before the splendour of the British Empire when people did everything to keep the heat in.

Furnished with beautiful antiques, fireplaces and paintings, all rooms have a unique atmosphere in which historical detail merges with 21st century opulence. A dominant colour sets the tone for each room and the bathrooms are a marvel in themselves.

Providing an escape from modern urban life, Hazlitt’s is particularly well-placed in central London. The service is attentive but friendly.


The clientele

Popular with celebrities and those who appreciate the finer things in life, Hazlitt’s is perfect for anyone looking for somewhere off beat with a decided atmosphere; a cosy hideaway with a historical touch within reach of the city, but sheltered from it.   

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The Hazlitt’s

6 Frith Street

Metro station : Tottenham Court Road