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Friendliness, discretion and tradition: the club spirit

If being British means knowing how to find that subtle balance between the natural and the sophisticated, this definition fits the Stafford perfectly. Part of the history of St. James’ since the 17th Century, it was first the town house of a great aristocratic family and then a gentlemen’s club, before becoming a hotel in 1912.

During the Second World War, the hotel was home to American and Canadian officers, and the cellars still house souvenirs of the time. In the post-war period, the hotel changed hands, and in 1995 it was bought by Daniel Thwaites, a family company, and closed for six months for refurbishment. It has been under new management since 2005 and the original spirit of the place has been carefully preserved. 

Tucked away in a cul-de-sac and made up of three buildings – the historic house, the former stables and the new suites – the hotel is shielded from the city bustle and has the advantage of a little passageway that takes guests directly and discreetly into Green Park.

A natural meeting place and a haven of old-world calm, the Stafford’s lounges with their fireplaces, the American Bar, and the hotel dining room are friendly places where you quickly feel at home. And then there’s the charming, flower-filled rear courtyard, where you can enjoy a drink when the weather’s fine, and the 350-year-old cellar that’s part of the history of London and home to 20,000 bottles.

With 80 rooms and suites, each with its own decorative scheme that’s evolved with the successive renovations, the hotel can offer a modern or traditional ambiance, or a more masculine or feminine feel. Always cosy and particularly well cared for, they are a showcase for that classic English style of comfort that combines fabrics, cushions and carpets chosen with affection. Luxury without the formality, and straightforward human kindness, make the Stafford a friendly and unpretentious place to stay.


The clientele

While the clientele is mostly British or American, over 50 and business-oriented, the Stafford also attracts women travelling alone and cool young couples. Generally speaking, the hotel is ideal for anyone wanting a city-centre location without having to put up with the drawbacks. It is also perfect for people who like a hotel’s public rooms and bar to be traditional but still natural and lively. Finally, the charming, carefully-decorated bedrooms should be varied enough to please all tastes.


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The Stafford by Kempinski

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