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The Villa Spalletti Trivelli is a rare find even in Rome, although it's only in Rome that such a place could exits in the first place. Originally a family residence, the Count of Spalletti decided to transform this residence into a hotel in order to offer his hospitality to a few privileged clients.

A man of fine taste and high tradition, the transformation from residence to hotel was a slow process, leaving time to select the best and most beautiful, and to let the artisans do their work and recruit experienced personnel who felt personally connected with the project.

Aristocratic families know from experience that important things need time, but that in turn time becomes their best ally.

After three years of renovation, La Villa Spalletti Trivelli opened discreetly in November 2007, thus complimenting its image as a residence which patiently welcomes a privileged clientele- a rare display of virtue amid an increasingly hectic world.

The standards of comfort and luxury that the most demanding traveler expects are only part of what this unique hotel offers. This residence allows its visitors to experience a lifestyle and level of service that can only be found in a forgotten age, which is exuded from not only the residence itself, but from ever-present influence of the people who first created it.

At this residence, history is not a literary fiction. Rather, it is represented as a recollection of photos and objects, alike a phrase from Verdi hovering atop a pedestal; or Queen Marguerite of Savoie and her companion's various clichés, the latter of whom founded this residence in 1901. The illustrious Gabriella Rasponi preceded Queen Marquerite, herself a descendant of an old aristocratic family from Ravenne and the triumphant napoleons- Joachim Murat and Caroline Bonaparte.

As a widow of Count Venceslao Spalletti Trivelli, she turned her house into a brilliant locale where, until World War I, its salons were teeming with the elite social and literary classes. The red room served as a place for parties and dancing, and the green room for afternoon receptions.

While the salons today are occasionally used for book openings and interviews, the afternoons are quiet- allowing one to enjoy a tea under the rays of sunlight which stream out from the large windows that open up into the distant murmur of the city, and the magnificent parks and gardens which surround the residence.

Under the striking roofs and moldings, vaulted several meters high, the walls are painted an impeccably clear color, the floor are assiduously waxed, while porcelain and blue china sit silently amid  the well-placed tapestries.

Everything seems to fit harmoniously together. In the immense library lined with books and woodwork, one can hear the crackle of the fireplace alit the entire winter, facing several comfortable contemporary striped couches, and a clock which sounds punctually every quarter hour.

Reading, relaxing, and feeling for an instant as though one has escaped from time itself- this is what one experiences in this most unique place.

Outside, there is the Quirinale, which is the presidential palace. It can be found on an avenue where several large mansions reside near a small park. Right behind, shielded by foliage, one may recognize the sandy façade and high, elegant but discreet walls of the Villa Spalletti Trivelli, which were built by the architect Domenico Avenali. All of the taxis recognize the place. No sign is needed.

In front of the large wooden doors, which open up to a short vestibule lined with oak- paneled glass doors, there is a simple doorbell. Upon ringing it, you will be promptly welcomed with a smile and a hand for your baggage. Amid a pleasant floral scent, you will be led through a sober but sumptuous entranceway to a stairwell near the reception.

You have now been officially welcomed to the Villa Spalletti Trivelli.

Situated under the beautiful stairwell which leads up to the first floor, the glass-lined reception has a contemporary allure. However, before you know it, you will be promptly taken to your room by a staff member, where you will, miraculously, find your baggage waiting for you.

With 12 rooms and a staff of more than 15, La Villa Spalletti is more than a hotel; it is a family residence where hospitality is integral. The staff are educated, receptive, considerate, lively, respectful, readily available, and, at the same time, they give their clients their natural privacy.

Each room is different, named after various neighborhoods in Rome; and yet they  each maintain a certain stylistic continuity which reflect a rare combination of elegance and simplicity.

One is first struck by the color of the rooms. Lined with rich solid fabrics, or with simple motifs, the walls of each room are a different color. The varying colors of every room are bright and inviting, changing from shades of pine green and beige to red and orange.

The bed linens, headboards, and couches are lined with different classical motifs, giving them a simple but radiant effect.

Everything combines to create a wholly unique and authentic style, from the height of the ceilings, to the windows and massive fireplace, the striking natural teak floor, the magnificent engravings of ancient maps- which come from the counts personal collection- and the various antiques which furnish the rooms.

Like an open history book, this residence incorporates the luminosity of modern style with ancient tradition, from its luxurious custom-made designer Plexiglas tables to its beautiful bathrooms.

The owners of this residence thought of an indescribable number of  complex details, impossible to recount all in one place. However, one thing is clear- the Villa Spalletti, without exaggeration, offers the highest standards of luxury available today in Rome.

Each evening, the room service tidies up your bathroom and tucks in your bed sheets. There are no chocolates on your pillow. Instead, you will find chocolates from the best chocolate-makers in Rome throughout your room and in the salons.

Maintaining the residences' highest quality standards, the hotel provides only cable internet, complete with anti-electro magnetic ray technology.

If you want to completely relax, the Villa offers something remarkable for its size- one of the best spa centers in Rome. Run by the former owner of the Russia Hotel's Spa, the Energy Bar offers an array of options. The Spa provides its Roman clientele with both relaxation and therapeutic treatments, from the classical in the roman sense, to hamam and massage, regenerative baths with dead sea salts and a fitness room with powerplate and pliate, or professional massages. In less than an hour, your aches, pains and tensions will be relieved, and you will be ready to face the brave new world again.

In the morning, breakfast is served the "wallpaper" hall, justly named after its magnificently wall paper decorated halls, which depict an Asian country landscape. The large buffet consists of a surprising array of savory choices: home made cakes (with ricotta cheese, pine kernels, or jam), light and crispy croissants, sugar brioches, bread rolls with fouettee cream (a roman specialty)- not to mention a wide variety of home made jams, bio honey, cold cuts, cheeses, salads, and buffalo milk yogurts.

In addition to the buffet, one may also ask for made-to-order bacon and eggs. Everything is served in simple but fine white porcelain from the residence's cupboard.

Such is the aura of this house; a harmonious medley of simplicity and elegance.

The house kitchen reflects this aura. In what other luxury hotel in Rome may one quench one's appetite and spontaneously order something absent from the menu, such as a simple but fresh salad in the early evening with mushroom and truffle risotto?

Follow your own whims- just like home.

If one prefers a more complex meal, the chef is on call in order to prove his hard working talents and show you how its done Italian-style, with Mediterranean hints- and of course, only first-grade ingredients. Great taste before all else is the name of the game.

If you can bring yourself to leave the Villa, its gardens, solarium terrace, kitchen, rooms and various salons, you will find yourself in the heart of Rome- and yet outside of the public eye.

Following the slope of the hill, amid the striking panorama of the city, you will cross the local dei Monti neighborhood, arriving at the Fontaine de Trevi in less than five minutes and at the Roman Forum in less than 10 minutes.

The Villa's hospitality is simple and natural; everything is included in the price, from your mini bar to the internet. Without a concierge, any employee at the reception can arrange everything for you, from round of golf at the most exclusive club in Rome to a private tour or walk along the seashore. In addition, like in all fine families, they are multilingual!

Fortunately, upon the hour of your departure, any slightly melancholic feelings will be made up for by your memories of this rare and unique experience.


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