1) Choose a hotel by selecting various criteria
2) Read the hotel description for full details of the hotel
3) Reserve direct with the hotel using its electronic calendar or by completing the reservation form if the hotel does not have an on-line reservation system.

If you are comparing prices and availability via other websites, remember that Urban Partner puts you in direct contact with the hotel, which means:

1) you can reserve exactly the type of room you want,
2) you will be welcomed as one of the hotel guests,
3) the cancellation terms are more flexible.

To make it easier to select and contact the hotels, become a Member of Urban Partner: it won’t cost you anything and you will have access to a range of additional services.



- Classic: perpetuates an atmosphere steeped in history, irrespective of the period. May contain antiques or reproduction furniture.
- Country: reproduces the cosy feel of a county house with the use of floral motifs or furnishings in a rustic or French country style.
- Modern: fairly timeless décor, either early 20th century or a modern take on classic décor.
- Contemporary: sobriety, warmth and pure lines, with emphasis on comfort rather than bold, innovative décor.
- Designer glamour: charming décor, an original combination of patterns in different styles and from different periods.
- Urban design: avant-garde décor looking to create a neutral, relaxing environment in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city.


- Luxury Hotel: the ultimate in luxury, a hotel whose history and exceptional services will set it apart from all the others. There are no precise rules; it will be the practices within the profession which label a hotel a luxury hotel.
- Luxury Boutique Hotel: a top luxury hotel with fewer than 50 rooms. 
- Grand Hotel: a very lively establishment with over 100 rooms and often with a wide range of facilities and services.
- Urban Hotel: somewhere between the Large Hotel and the Boutique Hotel, an Urban Hotel has between 50 and 100 rooms.
- Boutique Hotel: a more intimate establishment with fewer than 50 rooms and quite often a smaller range of facilities.
- Bed & Breakfast: private houses offering accommodation, breakfast and sometimes other meals.



The texts have been written following a visit to, or a stay at, the hotel. They are split into four sections - Summary, Who’s it for?, Guided Tour and Location - each one describing the experience you can expect once you push open the doors of a hotel.

Rather than visiting undercover, we have chosen to work in partnership with the hotels which allows us to gather more information during our visit and to better understand what the particular establishment has to offer.



The ratings are allocated following a stay at the hotel and are essentially quantitative in nature. As luxury and comfort are highly subjective matters, we give detailed ratings for:

- Room size: average size of the rooms and suites, bathrooms included. 
- Room facilities, including the equipment (type and number of TVs, Internet connections, working facilities, robes etc.), the décor (quality of the materials, coherence of the décor, any unusual features (painted ceilings, beams, etc.) and the bathrooms (quality of the bath products, etc.).
- Facilities & Services: whether there is a restaurant, a bar, a gym, a garden, the range of services on offer, quality of the staff for the number of rooms in the establishment.
- Breakfast: choice, quality of the products, the preparation and the service.

An average of these scores is taken to give a global rating.

This global rating does not take account of the prices charged.

The ratings are calculated according to the city. A rating of 8 in Paris is not exactly the same as a rating of 8 for London or Rome.

Don’t forget to use the detailed ratings: the comfort of the rooms may be comparable in two hotels but the one with a restaurant and gym will have a higher global rating.

If a hotel with a restaurant or gym is not essential for your personal comfort then compare the hotels using only the rating for the rooms.