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Shopping Mania

Portrait Suites
8.5 8.5
Portrait Suites

Well, it has to be said, Rome is not really THE city for shopping.

Department stores (by the way so usefull) are a rarity, and young fashion designers are for most of them in Milan.

But, it's still possible to be exposed to heavy tempting purchases :

On luxury brands side : around via dei Condotti and via del Babuino

Hotel d'Inghilterra  /  Portrait Suites  /  Hotel de Russie

On olive oil & prosciutto side : around Cola di Rienzo or Campo de'Fiori
Hotel dei Consoli  /  Franklin Feel The Sound - pour le marché tout près !  /  Hotel Campo de'Fiori

On antiques side : around via Giulia or via dei Coronari
Hotel Ponte Sisto  /  Hotel St. George

Honey Moon in Rome

Hotel Raphael
8.5 8.5
Hotel Raphael

VIP Treatment, deluxe suite for two nights, breakfasts, one diner with candles and much more other surprises : pure love in the eternal city.

Conditions : €980 all taxes included for two people. Available in march, july and august 2007.