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Are you looking for a design hotel on the Champs-Elysées, in le Marais or in Saint-Germain des Prés?

Upon closer inspection, the only geographic that seems to exist when it comes to design hotels in Paris is the traditional left bank/right bank divide. For reasons that are difficult to explain, and bearing in mind certain exceptions to the rule, it seems that the right bank has succeeded in showing more audacity than the left bank when it comes to hotel design.

Urban design hotels between Marais and Bastille and glamorous design hotels between Opéra and the Champs-Elysées are in abundance, but it is rare to find such hotels on the left bank, bar the exceptions of Le Bel Ami and l'Artus. One surprising aspect, in Paris' politically conservative XVI arrondissement, is the presence of le Sezz, one of Paris' most creative design hotels.

These generalities, however, shouldn't mask the wide array of design hotels that exist in Paris:


Hotel Paris Design Glamour - BellechasseFirst category of design hotels in Paris: The All-Glamour hotel

In contrast to the greyness of the city, designers decided to create small pockets of sensuality and comfort. One name that immediately comes to mind is that of Jacques Garcia. Present under various styles bowing to the Costes family, or in a more dense and inspired way at the Hotel, or in an even more neutral context, at Fouquet's Barrière, Garcia privileges qualities such as history, abundance, velvet and especially soft lighting.

An equally talented master at creating atmosphere and sensuality, Christian Lacroix, has also turned his hand to hotel design. This signals much potential for Paris - numerous designers have given this activity a go, creating a real diversity of atmospheres where charm and design move forward together hand in hand.



Hotel Paris Design Urbain - Sezz

Second category of design hotels: The Pure Relaxation hotel.


The constant running around town to meet people, the car horns, the courteous natures of the café waiters and the Parisian taxi drivers: is all this starting to stress you out a little? Urban design hotels understand this and thus transport you to a world or relaxation.

This is the case with the Marcel Bastille, a hotel that is big on service, or with A and its' calming décor. Paris, however, is also a town of revolutions, and relaxation doesn't come without a dose of partying, as is the case with Pershing Hall or Murano.

Another possibility is a soft and friendly option: l'Arvor. Here, one feels like they are outside of the city, transported to a pleasant world of both white and colours, a world made of white duvets and good books.



Hotel Paris Design Contemporain - Lavoisier

Third category of design hotels in Paris: The Modern hotel.


At its very root, Paris is a town of traditions. Design is often more sensible there, as it seeks to find a balance responsed to the overindulgences of the avant-garde.

If le Pavillon de Paris or la Pergolèse are among the first boutique hotels to see themselves as design trendsetters, the designer Jean-Phillipe Nuel has applied his relaxed, sensible lines and soft, warm colours to numerous establishments. We can also talk about le Victoire Opéra, le Lavoisier and the Hotel Thérèse in the same breath.




Hotel Paris Design Classique - George V Fourth category of design hotels in Paris: The Classical - Revisited.



If many classical hotels in Paris fastidiously preserve their historic heritage, others have appealed to designers to rejuvenate them and give them a new lease of life.

One name that springs to mind is Pierre-Yves Rochon. With his career launched by le san Régis and his fame later secured by his work at le George V, Pierre-Yves Pochon has also left his signature on other Parisian hotels, like le François 1er and le Keppler.





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