Hotel Design in Rome

Are you looking into a design hotel in Piazza Navona, Trastevere or in Termini ?

A priori, Rome is the city of antique. This is taught in history books is what all the postcards of the city suggest, and finally, the "Eternal City" that it sticks to any field does not end not really deny.

However, the Romans always knew how to do something new with the old. If the marble of churches comes temples fell into ruin, although it is possible to accommodate the ancient to a changing world. But do not think the marble of your bathroom could come from churches: the Vatican keeps an eye on it.

And, because Vatican is here and because hotels in Rome are often a family affair, design hotels are probably wiser than elsewhere.

With few exceptions, of course. The refined and grandiose architecture of Italy fascist has left some ideas and some hotels got some inspiration.

These generalities should not hide a certain diversity of design hotels in Rome:


Rome Hotel Design Glamour - San AnselmoFirst category of design hotel in Rome :
the All-glamour hotel

Echoing the charm of the city, the designers have created nests of sensuality and comfort. The name that first comes to mind is Michele Bonan. Present in different variations within the Firenze hotels of the Ferragamo family, the Portrait Suites in Rome offer a sensual and fresh verision of "la dolce vita".

Other designers are not names of decoration but inspired hoteliers who have turned their hotel into a romantic hydeaway, like the San Anselmo, pictured here.





Hotel Design Rome - ES HotelSecond category of design hotel in Rome :
the Pure Relaxation hotel

The vespas in any sense, congestion, the abundance of sumptuous marble and beautiful works to contemplate, make the city a little stressful? The urban design hotels have understood that and carry you in a white and soft world.

This is the case of Ripa Hotel, photographed here, in a rather industrial way.

Alternatively, the design in a zen and friendly way at the Daphne Inn. One feels outside the city, in a pleasant atmosphere, made of white and gold, a world of white duvets and tranquility.




Hotel Design Contemporain Rome - GH de la MinerveThird category of design hotel in Rome :
The Modern hotel

Rome is a city of traditions. The design is often wiser than trying to find a balance compared to the excesses of the avant-garde.

The hotels group Invest Hotel, the Grand Hotel de la Minerve (pictured), and more recently the St. Regis, are a good example: clean lines, classic fabrics but without grounds, neutral colors but pleasant, it is not revolutionary, but it is that we feel well and it works!





Hotel Design Classique Rome - R. Napoleone IIIFourth category of design hotel in Rome :
The Classical - Revisited


After all, why to abandon the beauty of yesteryear? Antiquities experts, connoisseurs of fabrics and materials, some aesthetes, amateurs or collectors have made from their establishment a journey through time, as with the Residenza Napoleone III pictured here.








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