Luxury Hotels Paris

Are you looking for a hotel that meets your needs ?

But before answering this big question an another question needs to be answered regarding luxury hotels: what does that luxe mean nowadays?

One response could be: a place that makes you feel like you're living out a moment that is rare or unique.

But what can provoke this kind of feeling?

A place that allows you to look out over the city at your leisure? Interior surroundings designed by a designer renowned in his field? A swimming pool and spa? Impeccable service? Antiques and works of art on display? Close proximity to the most prestigious boutiques? The most glamorous of personalities sitting at the neighbouring table? All of this at once?

A town like Paris has been blessed with the gift of being able to offer a vast array of luxurious locations, from palaces to luxury boutique hotels; What's more, for an equivalent price, it is sometimes possible to get one of the best rooms in one of the latter and smaller establishments and to be as comfortable there, or even more comfortable there, as in a palace: It's simply a question of style!


Hotel Luxe Paris Palace - Crillon

First Category of luxury hotels in Paris: The Palaces.

In the palaces, due to their size and their histories, life is literally a "ball". The chandeliers are integral to these buildings, as are the chic guests who cross each others paths, leaving beautiful gowns and the scent of perfume trailing behind them. Perfection is instinctive there, large halls are bustling with conversation, and the pursuit of pleasure and marvels is eternal. The palaces offer their charms to the entire world, though this luxury can sometimes have a slightly bitter aftertaste: the décor in the standard rooms can sometimes lack creativity, or the service can seem a little thinned down.

What is true of the standard rooms, however, cannot be said of the more prestigious rooms, which are quite excellent in Paris' palaces: from the very formal Crillon (pictured) to the younger, more glamorous Plaza Athénée, while not forgetting the impeccable George V, which possesses a sense of uniformity only perhaps otherwise found on sheets of music paper.


Hotel Luxe Paris - Boutique Palace - Lancaster

Second category of luxury hotels in Paris: The Boutique Palaces.

Smaller than their big brothers, these palaces ignore the heavy infrastructures and concentrate on the essentials: with a personalised service and gourmet cuisine, boutique hotels offer a level of luxury comparable to that of the larger establishments, only with around 50 rooms.


With carefully designed interiors and period mouldings, the San Régis and the Lancaster (pictured) are two perfect examples.




Hotel Luxe Paris - Boutique Hotel - Le Square

Third category of luxury hotel in Paris: the Luxury Boutique Hotels.

Whilst clearly not offering services and surroundings on a par with those of the palaces, numerous Parisian hotels still offer meticulous service and, above all, charming rooms with imaginative decors that are finished off with luxurious objects and materials heralding from the larger establishments. In short, luxury on a smaller, more discreet scale.


Indeed, how long will it be before certain palaces get themselves equipped with flat screen televisions, just like the boutique hotels???




Hotel Luxe Paris - Tradition - Victoria Palace Hotel Fourth category of luxury hotels in Paris: The Traditional Hotels.



Hospitality, a cultural virtue, is never displayed so naturally and with so much care as it is in these traditional establishments.


With classical appeal that is born out of an instinctive wisdom, these hotels, despite the passing of time, continue to epitomise their eras, possessing an art of living that has been gradually yet wisely acquired over the years.

Perhaps the most prime example of this type of hotel is the Victoria Palace Hotel (pictured), a classical and traditional hotel that perfectly represents its era.

Beware, however: not all hotels possessing a classical style are traditional hotels!



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